Glico Strawberry Pocky

3 03 2007

Strawberry Pocky

Yes, surprisingly enough my first review is that of a snack based not in the UK. Heck, this isn’t even chocolate, but there’s nothing wrong with broad horizons.

Pocky is a Japanese snack. Originally created in 1965, in recent years it has made its way to America and Europe. It has become popular among Otaku and Japanophiles the world over. Made by Glico, they have an absolute ton of flavours, though the one I tasted today was Strawberry flavour.

The Strawberry flavour is incredibly artificial, Whilst not necessarily bad tasting, it tastes of something that is mass produced. It is slightly yoghurty as well, and a little greasy. There approximately 20 sticks in each pack, and after eating about 8 of them I noticed that I had a strange feeling on the roof of my mouth. Something in the Pocky had stuck to it, and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Despite the artificial taste and strange residue though, these are relatively pleasant and rather addictive. Once I started eating them, I found it hard to stop. Fortunately I just had the one box though, and despite the pleasant taste, I won’t be buying these again. They’re not worth the cost of importing, though if you are interested, the cheapest place I found them online (and where I bought them from) is The Japan Centre, where a 40g box (approx. 20 sticks) will set you back 87p.

Edit: Since starting this Blog, this review has been by far the most popular of all, I’ve hence stepped up my efforts to get more Pocky in, as it seems to me that this is what most people are interested in reading about.




4 responses

6 03 2007

I definitely recommend tracking down the regular Chocolate Pocky or the super dark called Men’s. Much better stuff.

6 03 2007

I’ve tried both. In fact Glico recently revamped their Chocolate Pocky with a completely new design. Now I’m not sure if they changed the chocolate as well, but when I tried it I thought it was pretty awful. This was the first time I’d eaten it in about a year so maybe my taste buds had changed, but the chocolate didn’t taste good at all.

Men’s Pocky though, that’s the shizzle.

12 04 2007

I love pocky! I have been eating it for many many years. Haha, I’m actually known as the “Pocky Girl” for my obsession. I have never found a residue on the top of my mouth, nor have I ever experienced Pocky to be “greasy”. I highly suggest trying the Chocolate version.
🙂 P.S. If you get a chance, check out the Pocky Commercials On UTube. They will seriously make your day 🙂

12 04 2007

Well, checking back I actually had the Thai version of Pocky, as opposed to the Japanese version, so perhaps there was a difference there. After I post my million Kit Kat reviews that I’ve got stacked up then Pocky will be my next mission.

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