Cadbury Boost Bar

5 03 2007

Boost with GLUCOSE

After a hard weekend of endless University essays, when it came round to Monday morning I was quite tired, and so when I decided to buy a chocolate today for my review, the Boost bar jumped out at me.

Just look at it, with its shiny blue wrapper, and big font, it claims it’s ‘CHARGED WITH GLUCOSE‘, which I suppose makes it a sort of energy bar, or at least that’s what they want to make you think.

The Boost bar is also, according to Cadbury, their manufacturers, a milk chocolate with caramel and biscuit filling. I think they forgot to mention the huge amount of soft, almost truffle-like filling in the middle of the caramel and biscuit. This is what really makes the Boost bar, it’s soft and yet crunchy at the same time, which is particularly pleasant. The taste is oddly enough, quite hard to describe. It’s a little malty, and the biscuit doesn’t add a taste, instead just a crunch. The caramel and milk chocolate can both be tasted, though it is the soft filling that is the main taste.

Looking at the ingredients, I’m a little perplexed. Sugar is mentioned three times, though its first mention is halfway down the list, so I’d like to think there’s not a massive amount of it in here. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is near the top, which doesn’t please me too much, but the first ingredient on the list is simply known as ‘Centre (68%)’. What on earth is Centre? They go a little further in depth to tell me that it’s made up of glucose solids, glucose syrup and dried glucose syrup (it really is charged with glucose!), but I’m still a little confused by this blanket term ‘Centre’. Also, the macronutrients are a little shocking. In terms of caloric value, the Boost bar is incredibly heavy. Each bar weighs in with 310 calories, 34.3 grams of Carbohydrates and 17.8 grams of Fat.

They don’t go into any further depth of the fat, so it can be safely assumed it’s all trans fat, or whatever the name for bad fat is nowadays.

Regardless, the Boost bar is very nice, I don’t know if I felt any particular pick me up, I certainly felt full, but that was more likely due to it being 300 calories than the glucose charge. There did also use to be a Guarana edition as well, I haven’t seen this bar in a very long time though, if anyone does happen to know if it’s still around then drop me a line and I’ll see if I can find it and pump out a review of that as well.




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15 05 2007

Awwwwww..Ur Fiinfgs Are Minntttttt ;p;p

12 03 2010

Hi I bought some today so they are still around, regarding the fat info, its now got 64% of your daily saturated fat allowance in one bar! I won’t be buying these so often!

10 04 2010
How To Tighten Your Vagina

So please update your bookmarks and tell everyone you know that I have moved!

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