Cadbury Dairy Milk with Orange Chips

7 03 2007

Dairy Milk + Orange

Dairy Milk is one of the longest running chocolate bars in Britain today. It was first introduced in 1905, and has since became a worldwide revolation. Like all big chocolate companies, Cadbury have introduced many different editions to their chocolates, and the Dairy Milk is no exception. This variety, Dairy Milk with Orange Chips, is but one in a long line of Dairy Milk varieties, and I have no doubt that they’d all taste excellent.

My slight gripe with Dairy Milk is that it’s very middle of the road. There are some chocolate bars which I particularly enjoy, and some I particularly don’t. But with the Dairy Milk, I quite like it but it never shouts out to me, and so I never buy it. Even with all their new varieties I’m still not overly attracted to their bars. But still, for some reason I decided to buy this one, and unsurprisingly I wasn’t disappointed.

The orange chips are quite bitty, they’re a sort of sharp, granule, which actually goes together well with the milk chocolate. They completely overpower the chocolate though, which isn’t something I’m too happy about. The orange flavour is nice, but I’d like to taste some of the chocolate too. There were a lot of orange chips in this though, so perhaps I either got a dud bar or maybe Cadbury need to lay off the orange a bit.

Looking at the ingredients, Cadbury have listed both Flavourings and Flavouring, which perplexes me a little. The Orange Granules are quite low down the list, behind the (mmm tasty!) Vegetable fat. This bar also has a few E Numbers, which disappoints me, because looking at all the other chocolate I’ve tasted and also bought today for the week ahead, none of the others have E Numbers.

The bar has 245 calories, with 30.4g of Carbs, 12.4g of Fat and 3.2g of Protein. So it’s certainly not too heavy, but it’s not that filling either. I’m mixed about this bar, it tastes quite good, but there’s no chocolate, and I don’t like the ingredients list. I don’t think I’ll buy this again, but I do recommend you to try it if you’re a fan of orange flavoured chocolate, I doubt you’d be disappointed.




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12 03 2007
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