Wrigley’s Extra Fire Gum

9 03 2007

Extra Fire

Wrigley are the heavyweights when it comes to chewing gum. A multi national corporation who have been going for over a century. They were a family run business until 23 October 2006, when William Perez succeeded Bill Wrigley Jr, who took up a position as Executive Chairman.

Saying they’re the heavyweights here is a massive understatement, I don’t think the store I work at sells any other brand of chewing gum, or at least they didn’t until very recently, when Cadbury’s Trident gum was introduced here.

The Extra Fire gum is basically a glorified version of Cinnamon. This particular flavour is not nearly as popular here as it is in the US, where it seems everything is either flavoured with cinnamon or filled with peanut butter. I think the word ‘fire’ does this gum a little bit too much justice. They’re hot, but the spice is gone within 20 seconds, leaving a pleasant, cinnamon taste. The flavour lasts for a long time, but the pellets are quite small and so hence the gum can become quite hard after an extended period of time chewing. I’m a sucker for gum and usually chew half a pack a day (these come in packs of 10), but it’s hard for me to be able to chew just one piece for 2 hours, as mentioned they’re small and get hard easily, much like a certain part of my body, and so they are just a little disappointing.

If you like cinnamon then get these, you’ll like them, and we don’t have any other gum here in England that’s cinnamon flavoured. Considering the pack is only about 30p then you can’t go wrong.




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