Nestlé Orange Delight Aero

12 03 2007

Aero Orange

After reviewing last week’s slightly less than satisfactory Dairy Milk with Orange, I was in the mood for an orange flavoured chocolate that would really grab me. I’m quite fond of fruit flavoured chocolate, as long as it’s done right, and more often than not it isn’t. I’ve tried many different varieties of KitKats from Japan (unfortunately a while before I started this blog), and they almost all disappointed. From Fruit Parfait to Brandy and Orange, I was lost in a sea of poorly created fruit chocolate.

So, as well as being a fan of good fruit chocolate, I’m also a fan of the Aero brand of chocolate. Made by Nestle, Aero is marketed as a bubbly chocolate, and from what I can tell, more towards women. This is unlike their Yorkie bar, which they market towards men. I don’t see why Nestle would want to market their chocolate like this, and if any men have been put off buying Aeros because they seem feminine, then, my friends, you are missing out.

There are a variety of different flavours, from the delicious, but now I fear extinct, Irish Cream flavour, to the more traditional milk chocolate. As mentioned earlier, I decided to go for the orange one, mainly because I had reviewed an orange flavoured chocolate last week, and was wondering if Nestle ‘did it’ better than Cadbury.

Well, the short answer is yes, yes they did. They call it the Orange Delight, and that was exactly what it was. I felt the bubbles melt, oh my yes, the orange laced milk chocolate melted in my mouth, absolutely delicious. I could hardly contain myself, I began ramming the pieces down my throat, soon enough it was less about enjoying the taste and more about having as much of the taste in my mouth as I could. That was until I realised that I had bought the big bar. The 150g Behemoth!

I slowly began to realise my mistake, I had just consumed about 800 calories of chocolate! Oh well, it was that good that I just don’t care. I highly recommend this if you’re into orange flavoured chocolate. It’s a little artificial, and a little girly, but as Stifler in American Pie 2 once said; “I can taste the bubbles!”




One response

20 08 2009
poppy pito

BRILLIANT. I dont know what to say. I think your review is possibly the most insightful and on-point chocolate review Ive ever read. Also top marks for punctuation.

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