Nestlé Peppermint Aero

14 03 2007

Aero Peppermint

I feel a little guilty writing a review for this, after yesterday’s Aero Peppermint Bubbles. I’ll use the excuse that I’m a University student and so hence don’t have that much money, and I feel much better now about reviewing this!

Regardless of my feelings, it’s the continuation of AERO TIME here at The Chocolate Review. And today we have the Aero Peppermint flavour. I feel this review will be short, because the taste is identical to the Bubbles, and I don’t think I can say much anymore about the brand itself or the flavour.

The bar itself is divided into 8 segments, each with the Aero insignia pressed in. This bar is brown on the outside, and green on the inside, yes this is something I failed to mention for the Orange flavour. Depending on the flavour, Aero bars have different colour. The ordinary Milk chocolate is brown all the way through, but the Peppermint is green on the inside, and the Orange flavour is -wait for it- orange on the inside.

I can understand how this may be a little offputting, but personally green chocolate doesn’t bother, much like the Green Ketchup we had a few years ago. The segments are quite small, and quite soft. Maybe it’d be better if it was put in the fridge overnight, but this had sat in my cupboard for a day, and then had been sat in my room on my bed whilst I was at my morning lectures, my room’s pretty small (8×6 prison cell), and so it can get a bit stuffy sometimes. This didn’t take anything away from the experience though. The chocolate melted wonderfully and it was as tasty as the Bubbles were.

This bar actually has more calories than the Bubbles, which is a little strange, considering the Bubbles lasted me longer. They had 193 calories per pack, whilst this is a significantly heavier 255 calories. It also has 14.5g of fat (9.2g of which Saturates), so one a day has to be the limit.

I still haven’t ordered any Melon flavour Aero, it just doesn’t appeal to me and I’d be buying it merely for the sake of completion, I also noticed Strawberry flavour on eBay, but it’s a tad expensive, may have to give that a miss as well. I’ll be popping down Sainsbury’s tomorrow, so I’ll see if they have any flavours down there I can’t get in the local shop (Irish Cream? Caramel?), and I have a trip to Costco planned for the Easter break. Costco’s a great place, nothing quite like buying boxes with 48 packs of chocolate in. I’m gonna be STOCKED UP for the Summer Term! I’m pumped!

Oh yeah, Peppermint Aero ist sehr gut! Go and buy.




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