Nestlé Milk Chocolate Aero Bubbles

15 03 2007

aero bubbles

My lazy, Aero-obsessed streak continues! Now for the first time I get to review the milk chocolate Aero. And today it’s the turn of the Aero Bubbles again. I couldn’t find any small bags of these so (un)fortunately I had to go for the large bag.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, the Bubbles are exactly the same in terms of appearance to the Peppermint Bubbles, but of course as opposed to being half green and half brown, these are all brown. Again like all Aero chocolate, this is solid on the outside and bubbly on the inside, making it quite light and airy, hence ‘Aero’ I guess.

The milk chocolate here is very pleasant, it melts easily and the flavour is similar to a lot of other good milk chocolate bars. It’s the bubbles that set this one apart.

Other than that there’s not much to these, I prefer the Aero Bubbles to Maltesers in the category of ‘Small, spherical chocolates’, I hate crunching down on Maltesers, it always gives me shivers for some reason.

Also, I’m sure you all noticed that I have a big ad for J-List down the side of my blog now. As I’m a regular customer there (I now have a big package of Japanese chocolates waiting to be reviewed), I figured that signing up to their affiliate program and hopefully earning some money via that would help fund the blog (I’ve already said that I’m a poor student). I’d really appreciate it if I could get some clicks on that. This’ll be the last time I mention it though, I don’t want to detract from the awesome quality of this blog.

Until tomorrow, friends!




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