Milk Chocolate Twix

16 03 2007


Wow! Something other than an Aero! You are reading correctly, I’ve interrupted Aero time to review a Twix. I felt guilty about reviewing so many Aero’s, and thought that reviewing peppermint Aero after peppermint Aero Bubbles was a bit cheeky, so I’ve been long overdue to bash out a proper review. And so while I’m at my Nan’s I’ve got an opportunity to get some free chocolate, and I thought I’d go for the Twix.

Before today I hadn’t eaten a Twix in about 2 years, they’ve always seemed so unremarkable to me. They’re one of the top selling chocolates, in all the supermarkets and corner shops, yet there’s not much to them. A bit of biscuit, with some caramel on the top and covered in chocolate. It seems so basic, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a limited edition Twix, except for the white chocolate variety. I’m not sure why they don’t unleash the limited edition Twixs, because I’m sure an orange flavour or a bit of peanut butter or something would vastly improve these.

As they are, I just don’t see how they sell. Maybe it’s because they’re on offer a lot, or they’re cheap, but there’s just not enough there for me. I felt a little bad about eating this, I was putting ~200 calories and those bad saturated fats into my temple of a body and wasn’t getting much pleasure from it, it didn’t seem worth it.

The packaging is unremarkable, the flavour is unremarkable, basically the whole experience is unremarkable. I’m glad I’ve got the review over. 2 years on and Twix still tastes the same. Very disappointing. If you like biscuits with chocolate then get yourself some Chocolate Digestives, much better. Back to Aeros tomorrow I think.



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