Nestlé Milk Chocolate Aero

17 03 2007


I promised an Aero review for today, and I’d hate to let down my quiet readers, so here it is!

I wasn’t sure about whether I would update today or not, last week I decided not to update on the weekend, instead choosing to give my body a much needed rest from my over indulgance, and thinking that maybe it’d be best if I kept a professional(!) blog, only updating on work days, and allowing myself a recovery period over the weekend.

I decided in the end that no one would notice or care about such an approach, so I’d instead just update either everyday or whenever I had chocolate and wanted to eat it. Better approach, no?

I feel a little sick today after eating out today. I haven’t been to a restaurant since I started University, and today my grandparents treated me, so after a three course meal, consisting of a shared starter of brie, bacon and cranberry sauce. A main course of a mixed fish salad and a dessert of a shared platter of various slices of cheese and chocolate cakes, I’m very full and very tired.

But still, I have such dedication to this, I choked down an Aero. And when I say choked down, I mean wolfed down, and enjoyed every last bite of it. To keep my review simple, I will refer you to the taste of the Milk Chocolate Aero Bubbles, combined with the shape and consistency of the Peppermint Aero.

I doubt you were expecting anything different, Nestle are consistent with their flavours and textures. It’s a solid bar, good taste, light silky texture, melts nicely. It’s a little unremarkable, and I actually prefer the Orange and the Peppermint flavours, but if they’re on offer then I suggest them, and if you’re unlucky enough to not have Aeros in your country (y helo thar America) then I’d definitely try and find your local import shop and pick one up. Good stuff, and unlike anything else on the market.

Aero time still isn’t over yet people, it’ll be on a little hiatus while I get through some other chocolates, but I do still have a few lying in a box that are desperate to be published here, and they will, I assure you they will.




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