Liquorice Altoids

19 03 2007


Altoids have got to be one of the strangest sweets around. They proudly proclaim on the front of the tin that they’re made in Great Britain, yet except for the Peppermint flavour, they’re not sold in Britain at all! And considering Britain is fast losing it’s factories as countries move to produce their goods as cheap as possible, you’d think that the guys at Callard & Bowser would start producing their Altoids in the United States, where their target market is, but no, they’re made in Britain, maybe the good people in America think that Altoids are high class because they’re made in Britain, I don’t know.

Moving on from my mini rant, I got these from Cybercandy as part of a Mystery Box of short life products. These went out of date in December 2006, so they may not be at their best, that’s not my problem and gosh darnit I’m just gonna review these based on their current flavour.

The tin itself is very pleasant, before I’ve even removed the plastic wrapping I can smell the liquorice, I’m a big fan of liquorice so I find the smell to be quite alluring, opening the tin seems to almost release the liquorice fumes, they waft around and into my nose, delightful! I’ve had the Peppermint Altoids before and wasn’t overly impressed with them, I found them to be a little too hot, and too expensive as well, I’m more fond of a packet of Airwaves or something to clear my nose and freshen my breath. But I didn’t specifically order these so nevermind.

I pop an Altoid into my mouth, the liquorice…the aniseed flavour…it bursts forth. There must be menthol in there as well because it’s a little spicy if left on the tongue. I can feel it in my throat, it’s…good…it’s very good! I close the tin and turn it over, the ingredients…sugar, ‘natural flavor’, gum arabic, gelatin and corn syrup…is that all? There doesn’t seem to be much to these little guys. 3 altoids is one serving, and there are 10 calories in each serving, and 25 servings in the tin. Making the combined caloric total of the tin of Liquorice Altoids to be 250 calories. No fat, no protein, and 2g of Carbs (all sugar) per serving, making there 50g in the entire tin.

These are pretty darn good, the flavour is strong and sharp, though I don’t know about the liquorice flavour. I don’t know if aniseed exists in America but this is what it tastes like. I’ll be making sure to keep these fellas in my pocket though, a real breath freshner.



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30 09 2014

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