Cadbury Twirl

20 03 2007


The Cadbury’s Twirl has already been reviewed on both Chocablog and Candy Blog already, which is something I only discovered after I had eaten this and was about to type up the review. After reading both of those I’m actually struggling to think of anything to say that they haven’t.

I’ll give it a go anyway.

Twirl is made by Cadbury, who also make the Flake bar. The resemblance between these two bars is uncanny. The Flake is basically a longer, thinner version of the Twirl, with only one stick in the pack. It also doesn’t have the coating of milk chocolate that the Twirl has, hence making it crumbly. The Twirl holds together better because of said coating. Unfortunately it seems prone to melting and getting a bit messy. Mine was in my cupboard which is room temperature, and it was a little sticky, though not unpleasant at all.

It’s a good chocolate, nice flavour, just not much to it. When it comes to chocolate, I like things that push the boat out a little, that combine flavours, the Twirl doesn’t seem to do that, instead appealing to the more traditional chocolate eater. If that’s you, you’ll love this.

The Twirl has 180 calories per pack, which means 90 calories per stick. It also has 19.3g of Carbs, 19.2g of which are sugars. The fat level is 10.6g, 6.5g of which are saturates, and there is 2.6g of Protein in each pack. This makes it lighter than most chocolate bars, so if you’re watching your weight but have a sweet tooth, it’s certainly something to consider.




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