Nestlé Azuki Bean Kit Kat

21 03 2007

azuki bean

How much chocolate is too much, I’m beginning to wonder. The reason for all these updates is because I go back home tomorrow from University, and I can’t bring my big box of unique chocolates with me, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update during my holidays. And so, here is my third review of the day, the Japanese Azuki Bean Kit Kat.

Of all the ones I’ve tried in my time, this was the one I was looking forward to the least. Being a Westerner, I always associate beans as being savoury, either Baked and in tomato sauce, or in a packet and called Black Eye and taking hours to cook, and just not tasting that nice. In Japan however, certain varieties of beans are used in desserts. The Azuki Bean is one of these.

To me, they look a little like peanuts, only with a red skin. And nuts are also quite savoury, so before eating this I had a really hard time picturing how this would taste. I just couldn’t see how it would work, but I wasn’t to be put off. Opening the lovely box (I’m so fond of the way Kit Kats are packaged in Japan), revealed two small packets, each packet contained two sticks, both smaller than our Western varieties, coinciding with the smaller portions that the Japanese cuisine has. Our bars total 45g, whilst there total 43g, so whilst not a huge difference, it is easily noticed.

The bars look wonderful as well, they’re white coloured, and have little red…blobs…in them, I assume this is to represent the azuki beans, because when bitten into, the bar is the usual wafer/chocolate combo, no beans in sight. And the taste…well, it’s very good! Considering I didn’t know what to expect at all, I was definitely impressed. It’s sweet, and the flavour is hard to describe, it’s like nothing I’ve ever had before, I just don’t know how to put it, except that it was very good.

Yes, very anti-climatic, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted, I’ve actually looked before at buying Japanese pastries and seen doughnuts and such with azuki bean fillings, unfortunately the price has put me off each time, but now I’m debating whether to just bite the bullet and get some, because it’s great. Sweet, and nutty, in fact not too unlike hazelnuts, but that may be because I still had the taste of the Noisette Kit Kat in my mouth.

This is a great bar, unfortunately I can’t read Kanji (I’m assuming that’s what it’s written in), so I’m unsure of each of the values. What I can make out though, is that each serving is 119 calories, and note, I mentioned earlier Japanese portions are smaller, each serving here is 21.5g, i.e. two sticks, much unlike our four stick serving. Very interesting. Judging by the different values, I’m going to guess that each pack (that’s two servings, remember), has 1.76g of Protein, 26.8g of Carbs and 13.8g of Fat. So that’s pretty similar to our Kit Kats, only with less Protein, which is a feature of the Japanese diet (high carbs, low fat and protein). Again, this is a great bar, a little sickly (though that’s perhaps because this is my third Kit Kat in a row), if you’re interested in importing Japanese Kit Kats, or confectionary in general, I highly recommend this, I’ve tasted a lot of rubbish from there, this is one of the best I’ve had.




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