Nestlé Milk Chocolate Kit Kat

21 03 2007

kit kat

I’ll point out before I start this review, that this particular Kit Kat is a little old. It was no doubt released around the time for the 2006 World Cup, as there is a competition on the front to win England shirts, and the bar went out of date in January 2007. As such, this is not their new bar, which I’m sure is lower in fat and calories, but more on that later.

The Kit Kat is a bar that has been produced for a long time. Originally made by Rowntree, they were bought by the corporate giant; Nestlé. The UK Kit Kats are still made in York, where the original Kit Kats were made, which is nice. As shown in the picture, each Kit Kat comes in a pack with four chocolate sticks. Each stick is basically a multitude of chocolate and wafer layers, each on top of the other, then the entire stick is coated in milk chocolate, and the words ‘Kit Kat’ are emblazened on the front.

The tagline for the Kit Kat is ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat’, this has been its tagline for as long as I can remember, though it only seems to be for the 4 fingered Kit Kat. Granted I’ve never seen an advert for any other flavours or varieties of Kit Kat, but going off the top of my head here, I can’t remember ever seeing that tagline on any other Kit Kat bar at all.

I like Kit Kats, the 4 sticks allow the bar to last a while, and each stick can be savoured. Rather than one long chocolate bar, which can be gulped down fairly quickly, with these you have to take your time, and that is, in my opinion, a good thing.

As mentioned earlier, this is an older Kit Kat, I’m fairly certain that they have now reduced the amount of calories and fat in each bar, and I’ll update this article when I get a new Kit Kat, and give the new figures, but for the time being, this Kit Kat bar has 247 calories (61.75 calories per stick), 30g of Carbs (23.5g of which sugars), 12.8g of Fat (8.7g of which saturates) and 2.9g of Protein.

This is a good bar, it’s plain, but it’s nice. You want a break? Have a Kit Kat.




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