Nestlé French Bretagne Milk Kit Kat

22 03 2007

bretagne milk

Before I start, I’m going to list the Kit Kats I’ve recently ordered and that will be reviewed hopefully within the next month – Nasu Milk, Blueberry Fromage, Cantaloupe Melon, Banana, Apple, Pumpkin, Brandy & Orange. Plus Melon flavoured AERO! which I finally decided to get. Hope you look forward to those, chums!

Back to this though, French…Bretagne…Milk…yeah, sounds interesting if nothing else. Sources tell me that this means Belgian Milk White, so I assume that this should be a classy tasting white chocolate bar.

As you can just about make out in the picture, there’s someone’s name and a little signature there. Yes, more revalations! Nestlé of Japan employs one of Japan’s top Iron Chefs, Le Patissier Takagi, to create some of their posher Kit Kats. On some of their flavours; Green Tea, French Bretagne Milk, Brandy & Orange and more, his signature and name can be found. What does this mean to us? It means that he personally created these chocolates as opposed to faceless Nestlé chefs, and so we can expect very good chocolate.

The box is quite pretty, it’s the standard Japanese fare, box revealing two packets with two sticks in each. One thing that’s different here is the design on the front and the back. The front has been made to look like a gift wrapped present. You can see the labels running behind the Kit Kat brand, with a little bow on there as well! Further evidence of how Kit Kats are viewed in Japan, this is meant to be a gift you give to someone wishing them good luck, and that’s how Nestlé have presented it. The two packets inside have the same design on them, and opening one of them reveals two white coloured sticks. A little less fancy than most, these look like your standard white chocolate Kit Kats.

Biting into one reveals a…strange flavour. Not milky, not much flavour at all in fact. I can taste the wafer, that’s really coming through, but nothing else…I eat the rest, nothing happens. I eat the other stick…same result, soon enough I find I’ve eaten the entire packet and that’s it. I have no more, I found no taste. So does French Bretagne Milk actually mean Wafer flavour? That’s how it seemed to me. I look on the side of the box and suddenly remember that these are out of date, I in fact think that this one is out of season, and that the Nasu Milk is the in season White Chocolate Kit Kat. Is that why these have no flavour? Have they lost it? They’re only a month gone, they shouldn’t be that bad, I’ve had chocolate over a year out of date that still tasted the same as it would fresh.

I’m confused and disappointed, Nestlé led me in with fancy packaging and false promises, I expected wonderfully crafted chocolate from a Japanese cooking legend, what I found was musty old tasting chocolate that did nothing but upset me and my stomach. Never again.




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