Nestlé Sakura Cherry Kit Kat

22 03 2007

cherry kit kat

Mmm, chocolate for breakfast…this here is the first of my two reviews for the day, to round up all the foreign Kit Kats I own. I’ll post more in my next review about my recent orders and what you all have to look forward to!

This is an interesting edition, like most Kit Kats in Japan, it’s limited to what the season is. Because it’s Spring right now, Nestlé have released a Sakura Cherry Blossom flavour of their Kit Kats. In case you’re wondering why it is that Japan is getting a ton of different Kit Kats, it’s because ‘Kit Kat’ sounds like a phrase meaning ‘Sure to win’. Because of this, Kit Kats are now considered to be good luck charms! Kids take them into exams thinking that eating them will bring them good luck and success.

Well, I’m not sure about any of that, but Nestlé are certainly doing well because of it, so I doubt they’ll be saying anything anytime soon. And I won’t be either, because some of these flavours are downright tasty, but does that include the cherry flavour? Usually I’m a huge fan of cherries, though when it comes to cherry flavoured chocolate, I’m not hugely experienced. I haven’t really tried much in my time because not much of it seems to be around, the only one I can think of is Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate with Cherry pieces in, but that’s not quite the same as cherry flavoured chocolate, which is what the Kit Kat is.

Fortunately for me, it’s very good. like most Japanese Kit Kats it comes in a nice box, with each box containing two small packets, and each packet containing two Kit Kat sticks. They can be smelled before you open each pack, though the taste isn’t overpowering at all, which is a little strange. Opening a packet reveals two pink sticks, yes, unlike Nestlé of the UK, Nestlé of Japan actually colour their Kit Kats depending on their flavour, which I think is a wonderful idea. I suppose most people here don’t care what colour their chocolate is, as long as it tastes good, hence why they don’t bother here.

And the taste is good, it’s unlike any cherry I’ve ever tasted, it’s not as strong as our Western Cherries, it tastes a bit more floral, perhaps a little creamier. Maybe they use less cocoa in this bar? I’m not sure because all the ingredients are in Japanese, no translation is given, so I have to go by taste.

Well, either way it’s very good. This is the in-season Kit Kat, they’re stocked at J-List at the moment, so pop over there if you fancy some, I know I do!




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