Mars Delight

23 03 2007

mars delight

The Mars Delight seems to be an upmarket chocolate bar by Mars. I’m pretty sure it’s advertised towards women as well. For some reason whenever I think of Mars Delights, I imagine a group of women sitting in an office, eating these things whilst sipping on Diet Cokes and gossping about whatever things women gossip about.

On the individual packs, Mars don’t actually bother to describe what it is. Most confectioners will put a brief description of the bar on the packaging, in their attempt to lure customers in. In a change of pace, Mars instead show a small picture of the two small chocolates that are in this pack on the front of the wrapper.

I quite like the packaging as well to be fair to it. Nice off-white colour, the usual Mars emblem blends well with it. All very good. But does it taste nice?

I’ll tell you what it does taste like, and that’s sweet. So very sweet. It’s a very nice flavour once you get past the sugar, but they seem to have overdone that aspect of the bar a little. Underneath the chocolate layer is a sort of cream filling, and under that is a wafer, which has a strange consistency to it, but it is still good. Quite an unremarkable flavour, sadly. Too much bloody sugar. I only finished this bar a few minutes ago and already the flavour is all gone as well, I can’t taste it at all anymore!

Overall, a disappointment. The taste isn’t bad, the bar isn’t bad, it’s just unremarkable and it seems a little lost. It’s been around for about 2 years now though so this is its finalised flavour. If you’re a woman who works in an office, likes Diet Coke and gossiping then this’ll be perfect for you, I can’t imagine anyone else getting too excited about it though.



4 responses

22 04 2008
natasha morgan

mars delight is realy nice it has 3 layers a soft layer a crispy layer and another soft layer it is beautiful

22 04 2008
shanon wood

wow give me more i like it yum yum in my tum

22 04 2008
jay morgan

it is realy nic i alway nick my sisters natasha morgan so she realy got me into it it is realy nice and i have one nearly every day for work and it is also very low in fat

22 04 2008
stacey price

me and my boyfreind will sit there all night and eat them they are verry dreamy

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