Galaxy Promises – Caramel Crunch

1 04 2007

Galaxy Promises - Caramel Crunch

‘Smooth milk chocolate with caramel crunch on a bed of milk chocolate’. The tagline for the Galaxy Promises – Caramel Crunch. Sounds good, no?

Looks good too, very good in fact. The Galaxy bar is already in my opinion, a slightly upmarket everyday bar, but this one tries to go even further. The packaging is superb, very posh indeed. Great use of colours and as you can see there’s a little picture of one of the Galaxy squares.

There are 4 squares in each bar, all joined together to form the bar. Each square is a little odd looking, the bottom half of it is the ‘bed of dark chocolate’, and the top half is divided into two sections, one section has a wavy pattern and the other has no pattern at all. Each square can be divided into two, the wavy pattern has the caramel crunch and the plain pattern is solid milk chocolate.

And prolong it you should, this bar is very good. It’s not the best bar I’ve ever tasted, and is a little plain, but it’s very tasty, and it’s worth trying out. There are a few other editions out that I’ll have to get round to trying as well, if this is anything to go by.

Each bar has 214 calories, 22.8g of Carbs, 12.6g of Fat and 2.4g of Protein.




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