Firebox Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Saucer

3 04 2007

firebox space food

Like the Freeze-Dried Strawberries, these were in the same size pack, with similar blurb on. The only difference being the border is now a light blue, and the nutritional information is different.

This pack has 150 calories in it, with 6g of fat, 20g of Carbs and 3g of Protein. The product description is also different to the front, instead of being ice cream, this is now ‘Cookies and Cream Ice Cream between two Chocolate Cookies’, that makes it sound a bit better, as opposed to say, solid blocks of freeze-dried ice cream.

Opening the pack reveals a paper wrapper, the back of this wrapper is slit which meant I had crumbs falling all over me before I’d even started. I opened the wrapper and saw a giant cookie that has been broken during transportation, it looked a bit like a giant version of those Oreo biscuits I’ve seen recently, and like the strawberries had almost no smell.

The taste though, was very good. I don’t know about Cookies and Cream, but to me this tastes like chocolate and vanilla. Very nice indeed. My main gripe again is that it gets stuck to your teeth, and you really need to have some water on hand otherwise it’s a bad experience. Great taste though, not worth buying again because of the price, but for a one-off or a gift, if you had to buy just one of the packs, I recommend these over the strawberries.



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