Firebox Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

3 04 2007

freeze-dried ice cream

This pack says that it has chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice cream inside. So basically it’s freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream. I quite like the sound of that, and have a bottle of water on hand, so let’s do this!

Like the cookie, this has been wrapped inside paper, though instead of the slit resulting in crumbs, this has been wrapped over, why couldn’t they do this with the cookie?

Opening the wrapper reveals a broken block of ice cream. It has the traditional colours of pink, white and brown. Signifying respectively, the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Because of how it’s broken, I don’t have one single piece that is dedicated to one flavour, so it’s hard to describe each on its own.

Fortunately they all taste nice anyway, The chocolate is a little cheap tasting, but that’s the way it always seemed to me in Neapolitan anyway, so that didn’t bother me. The strawberry was very good, in fact I preferred it to the freeze-dried strawberries, and the vanilla was quite ambient, though similar to how it was in the ‘Cookies and Cream’ biscuit.

Again this was a sticky teeth situation, in fact this was the worst. Instead of bits getting in the teeth, this pack just put a huge gloopy coating over all the teeth which was pretty disgusting, and required brushing afterwards.

The pack had 110 calories, with 5g of Fat, 14g of Carbs and 2g of Protein. I preferred the Cookie to this in case you’re just buying one, but it was better than the strawberries.

My overall experience with space food has been a disappointment. None of it tasted that bad, but it was just plain and the majority of it was stuck between my teeth. For the price it has, I can only recommend these as a gift, for your own consumption I recommend going out and buying some normal strawberries, bourbon creams and neapolitan ice cream. You’ll save money and you’ll save your teeth.




One response

15 01 2008

I really enjoy freeze dried ice cream, but there’s a trick. I find that it’s best if you bite off a chunk with your front teeth and let it melt in your mouth instead of chewing it. It brings out the flavor quite a bit more, and you never get sticky goop in your teeth.

It’s also easy with the neapolitan to bite off the flavors you want – they seem to separate rather easy, so you can enjoy each individual flavor a bit more.

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