Firebox Freeze-Dried Strawberries

3 04 2007

Freeze-dried strawberries

I was recently browsing the Firebox site in search of quirky things to purchase, when I came across their ‘Edible’ section, and noticed space food! Freeze-dried varieties of normal food that are specially made for astronauts to take into space. I picked up all three varieties they had, and the first review in this series are the Strawberries.

The pack is incredibly light, only 9g. The design on the front is quite pretty, showing a spaceman, and there is a red border around the whole pack, perhaps because of the strawberries inside. They also point out that these are ready to eat, which is something I actually wondered myself, so that’s handy.

On the back is the nutritional information and some little quirks. The entire pack contains only 30 calories, no fat or protein and 8g of Carbs. They also mention that these packs were developed for early Apollo Missions. The food is frozen to -40 degrees and then vacuum dried and sealed. Sounds delicious!

Opening the pack produces almost no smell, the strawberries aren’t bursting to get out. I put my hand in and pulled one of them out, and found my fingers covered in a red powder, and then turning the lights on realised the entire foil inside was covered in red powder.

The strawberries themselves look exactly like normal strawberries with the tops cut off, only they’re completely dry and much darker than usual. Popping one in the mouth was a bit of a shock, the strawberry flavour was much stronger than a normal strawberry. I then chewed through it, and it crunched around and got all stuck in my teeth. Little bits of strawberry stuck everywhere, not too pleasant.

I then proceeded to pour the rest out to see how many there were, this was not a good idea. The powder all fell out as well, it seemed there was a load at the bottom of the bag, it stained my hands and everything, horrible. There are about 15 strawberries in the pack, ranging from tiny to medium sized, at least compared to a pack of normal ASDA strawberries I happened to have on hand for comparison.

I don’t highly recommend these for your own personal use, as a gift they’d be pretty awesome, I could have pretended to be an astronaut whilst eating these and had a laugh, and I think kids would love the idea of these, but perhaps not the execution.



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