Altoids Spearmint Gum

4 04 2007

Altoids Spearmint Gum

As mentioned in a previous Altoids article of mine, these are sweets that are produced in Britain, but not actually sold there, which always seemed a little strange to me. But I got my hands on these anyway, so here’s the review.

These come in a wonderfully crafted tin. Quite unlike anything else we get over here, and no doubt these raise the production costs, but it’s certainly worth it. There’s a little note on the tin saying ‘Not a low calorie food’ which had me a little perplexed. Since when has chewing gum been viewed that way anyway? I don’t know anyone who lives off gum, or uses it as a low calorie meal replacement, so unless there’s a new chewing gum diet going around, I really don’t see what the point of that message is.

These are sugar free, and sadly, artifically flavoured. They have the usual gum ingredients; Sorbitol, Gum Base and Xylitol, which I’m pretty sure is meant to be good for your teeth. Opening the tin reveals 20 small green discs, about the same size as a Smartie, wrapped in the traditional Altoids paper, which has their little message on, mentioning that their products nowadays use the same recipe they did 200 years ago and that they were first made in 1837.

Other than that there’s not much I can say, these have an initial strong taste that subsides slowly, they taste pretty good, but not exactly that different from normal spearmint chewing gum on the market here in Britain, so not worth the import unless you’re a collector. I do love the tin though.




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