Morinaga Milk Caramel

5 04 2007

Morinaga Milk Caramel

It’s no secret that I’m fond of Japanese packaging. Most of the Kit Kats and other Japanese treats I’ve tried seem to have had more time put into the presentation of the product, than the product itself. This sweet seems to strike a balance though, is that a good thing? Or will it mean both bad packaging and taste?

I’m not sure of the history of these caramels, though I was wondering why they say Morinaga’s as opposed to just Morinaga. The only other sweet I can think of who does this are Reese’s, as opposed to just Reese. It made me feel a little honoured to be eating them, I almost want to find Mr. Morinaga and thank him for allowing me the honour of eating his milk caramel. It should say caramels though, because this is not a big block of caramel.

It comes in a matchbox type package. With a pretty yellow background and a ton of Japanese writing on the front, sides and back. I can’t make out anything that isn’t in English or in number form. On one side it says MORINAGA’S MILK CARAMEL whilst the other has the kanji, so I’d assume it’s the aforementioned phrase, only in Japanese. The back has the nutritional information. Using my powers of deduction, I worked out that the entire box has 245 calories, 45.2g of Carbs (wow), 6.1g of Fat and 2.1g of Protein.

Pushing the bottom of the box with the tip of your thumb results in the inside being pushed forward, much like a matchbox. The top of the box then folds out and inside are 12 individually foil wrapped squares of caramel. On each foil wrapper is the word Morinaga. Again, wonderful packaging. And the design means you can just take out a caramel, and fold the box back up and save the rest for later, and with each caramel being foil wrapped, there’s no risk of the rest going stale. It’s this type of quality and care that’s usually missing in the Western market, and that’s a darn shame.

The actual taste of the caramel is different to our Western types. The appearance is slightly darker than a ‘normal’ piece of caramel, and the taste is slightly milkier, and less creamy, if there’s such a difference. I wouldn’t say it’s BETTER than our caramel, it’s just different. And it’s very good. Very good indeed. If the price is right I’ll definitely be buying these again, they can be bought on JList for $1.40 per pack, and when I checked there was only 1 left in stock, so you’d best hurry!



2 responses

5 04 2007

Very cool! This was one of the first Japanese caramels I tried. I love the little boxes. Definitely try the others. I’m a fan of the green tea, black sugar and red bean ones (hey, they’re all colors!).

12 04 2007

I’d try them if I could find them anywhere! Those all sound so good, especially the red bean flavour, which I’ve tried a bit of recently and have fallen in love with.

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