Glico Pepper Bacon Cratz

6 04 2007

Pepper Bacon Cratz

This mini garlic bread looking snack is made by Glico, famous for making Pocky. Because Pocky is so famous worldwide, I would have thought Glico would have a good grasp of English, turns out I was wrong, as on the front of this package is the line ‘Enjoy after 9 relax time with crunchy OTSUMAMI snack.’ Well, it’s 12pm, so that’s after 9, and I’m going to enjoy relax time with this crunchy OTSUMAMI snack…I hope.

On the front of the pack was a little sachet, it had pictures of lemons on the front, so I thought it was a bit odd. Why is lemon powder being packaged with a snack like this? I opened the sachet and smelled it, it smelled nothing like lemons. In fact, it smelled like pepper, and it burned the inside of my nose. Perplexed, I turned the pack over to find instructions on how to enjoy this snack. I was to open the pack and the sachet, shake the sachet into the pack, and then eat these crisps. They also had a pint of beer pictured on the back. Drinking alcohol is almost a common pastime in Japan, so there’s nothing wrong there with advertising the drinking of beer like that I guess. I have no beer on hand though, so I’ll just have to eat these alone.

Of course, because of this I was worried. Maybe these taste bad, and the only way you’d think they would taste good is if you were completely smashed? Only one way to find out, and so I opened the pack, and recoiled as an overpowering smell burst forth! It was so strong, and not really like bacon. More like some sort of mystery meat, or generic meat flavour. Not a terrible stench, just very overpowering.

I tried one of the mini garlic breads without the mystery powder, to find it was already COVERED in pepper! Hot and spicy, oh my yes, the taste wasn’t overly dissimilar to Smoky Bacon flavour crisps we have here in England, which don’t really taste like bacon at all.

After having a few of these things, and without the taste getting any better, I poured in the sachet, and shook the pack, to infuse the strange mini garlic breads with the strange powder. I picked one out that had a white covering on it, and tried it. Strange, it was now sort of lemony…and then peppery…and then bacony…this is a strange, strange snack.

It’s not bad, and there’s a lot of these mini garlic breads in there, but it’s just odd. I don’t understand the lemon powder sachet, and I don’t see the need for vast amounts of pepper, but I suppose that’s why they recommend having a beer on hand. I don’t highly recommend these, if you like smoky bacon, then just get a pack of them, cover them in pepper and squeeze a lemon on them. Sound good?

P.S. I forgot to mention you also get almonds in here as well, why almonds are mixed in is beyond me, but they taste like ordinary almonds, and don’t add much to the snack, hence why I forgot about them.




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