Wrigley’s Menthol & Eucalyptus Airwaves

7 04 2007

Menthol Airwaves

I’m a big fan of Airwaves. I have tried the Guarana flavour version in the past, and was impressed with their fresh taste, and long-lasting flavour. These are no different, and are my favourite brand of chewing gum.

The reason for this is the menthol. It is such a cleansing effect when you chew down on the gum, you get the rush from your mouth, on your tongue and down your throat, and if you keep your mouth closed you can get it through your nose. These are called airwaves for a reason, they really do clear them out, and I always feel totally refreshed when I pop one of these in my mouth.

The flavour is great too, I’m not sure what eucalyptus would taste like on its own, but with the menthol it provides a decent flavour. Not quite minty, but nice. I usually find myself absent-mindedly chewing a single piece for up to two or three hours, before I find my jaw is aching and I’m actually quite hungry. This shows how long the flavour can last.

Airwaves are sugar free as well, and considering that’s what usually keeps the flavour going in some gum, that’s another factor to take into account when you consider how excellent this gum is.

A few days ago I bought a box of these at Costco because I chew gum so much. I don’t recommend you do that unless you’re in the same boat as me, but if you like to carry gum around, then I recommend this. These are still priced at standard gum price (around 30p per pack), and not as expensive as some of the more expensive and almost more premium gum I’ve seen around lately (Orbit Professional, Trident gum, etc). So for an everyday gum, this is your best bet.




One response

5 10 2008
Ron Miller

Where can Wrigley’s airwaves Menthol and Eucalyptus gum be found in USA?
thank you

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