Nestlé Aero Banana

8 04 2007

Aero Banana

Aero returns! And this time in delicious(?) banana flavour. This is another Japanese edition, and their format is a little different to ours. Unlike our bars, these come in a very pretty box, that opens up to show 10 individually wrapped pieces of Aero. Standard Japanese overpackaging, I love it!

The front of the box is pretty similar, if you ignore the Japanese, it has the standard bubbles, this time they’re a dark yellow, with pictures of bananas all about. There’s also a picture of one of the Aero pieces, and a picture of some Aero girl, who I assume is their mascot in Japan. The box opens at the front and up the entire face of the box, and inside are 10 wrapped pieces of Aero.

Each of these pieces is tiny, weighing only 5g. Looking on the back of the box, I found to my amazement that they consider one of these pieces to be a serving, those crazy Japanese! Each piece is 28 calories, with 2.9g of Carbs, 1.7g of Fat and 0.31g of Protein.

Opening one of the pack reveals a very small Aero block. The brand name is printed on the top of the chocolate, and there’s a sweet smell of banana in the air. Biting into it reveals the bubbles inside are a light yellow, and the chocolate itself…really doesn’t taste that good. It seems much cheaper than our English chocolate. With our Aero, it melted together with the flavour inside, and was a part of the bubbles, here in Japan the chocolate and the banana bubbles seem to be seperate, the chocolate practically breaks off, making them seperate entities, and it feels greasy and not very pleasant at all.

The banana flavour isn’t too bad, a little too artificial for my liking, but not awful. Altogether this is a letdown though, I had high hopes for this and Japan once again led me into a sale with their great packaging and false promises of melting bubbles. If you are still interested though, these can be bought from J-List for $2 a box, but I don’t recommend it unless you’re a collector, because as much of an Aero enthusiast as I am, this really isn’t worth it.




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