Nestlé Aero Melon

14 04 2007

Aero Melon

The last of my Japanese Aero reviews for a while, I have the Green Tea and Strawberry flavours, but they only arrived recently and I’ve got a week or two’s worth of Japanese Kit Kats and other little things to put up first, so it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I get those up. I’m not a big fan of melon, and the Banana Aero I had tasted previously had poor quality chocolate and poor quality banana, so surely I’d like this one even less.

The box is the same, very pretty and full of pictures and characters, the bubbles are now a dark orange, and so are the bubbles in the chocolate. Melon is regarded as a bit of a delicacy in Japan so I suppose Nestle cashed in on this a little, and if it’s worked for them, then good for them, but I’m not sure if the Western taste buds will appreciate it.

As it turns out, it’s not that bad. The chocolate is the same, poor quality as the banana flavour. But the melon is actually ok, it tastes like the watermelon flavour we used to get in Jolly Ranchers, which I remember being quite nice. It overpowers the chocolate and hence you get pretty much all watermelon.

The caloric information is the same, and I’ll sum up with the same conclusion as my previous Aero review. I only recommend getting these if you’re a collector or love watermelon flavoured chocolate. I got these from eBay, and I don’t know how long they’re in season for (the Japanese are big on different flavours for different seasons), so if you want this, get it ASAP.

P.S. I ordered all the varieties of Pocky that JList had on the site, including the reverse Pocky and the Decore ones and everything, I’ll review those as soon as I get them, so look forward to a Pocky onslaught in about 3-4 weeks from now!




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17 07 2007

For anyone who cares, I wrote this on my birthday and didn’t mention it for whatever reason. Next year I will be expecting many birthday cards and well wishes from all of you. 😉

17 07 2007

awh well belated ‘HAPPEE BIRTHDAY! 😀 😀 ‘

17 07 2007

Thank you!

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