Nestlé Deluxe Brandy & Orange Kit Kat

17 04 2007

Kit Kat Deluxe Brandy & Orange

I’ve got all my Japanese Kit Kats in, and thought I’d start with the poshest of all. This is Brandy & Orange flavour, and it came in a wonderful box of 10 individual sticks.

The box was wrapped in wrapping paper, with the ‘Le Patissier Takagi’ trademark all over it, which as I mentioned in a previous review, means that these Kit Kats were created by the famous Iron Chef Takagi, for Nestle.

Inside the box are 10 of these individually wrapped Kit Kat sticks. The colouring is quite beautiful, gold at the top and the bottom, with black in the middle. There are no pictures of brandy or orange or anything like that, this is high class chocolate.

I’ve been tricked before by things like this though, the Japanese wrap things up nicely, but the end product has a habit of tasting poor, I expect this to be decent, but there’s a worry in the back of my mind.

When the pack is opened, it turns out the stick inside is halfway between a regular sized Kit Kat stick, and a Kit Kat Chunky, a hybrid if you will. The inside has a white cream above the wafer, much like the peanut butter in Peanut Butter Chunkys.

And the taste is really very good, it starts off with a pleasant orange taste, and then you get a small brandy hit, and then the orange flavour becomes quite strong, when chewing down on it you don’t really notice, but savouring the stick allows you to. The chocolate isn’t half bad either, usually it’s cheap tasting, but this one is quite nice.

Overall I’m quite impressed, the art is some of the best I’ve ever seen on a chocolate, and I’m glad I was able to review this before they disappear, as they’ve already been discontinued and it’ll be very hard to find these until next year. Note that the box in the picture is different from the one I had, I got mine when they were a limited and for Valentine’s Day, they were popular enough to warrant being mass-made and the boxart has changed for that.




2 responses

17 04 2007

Ooh, that sounds good. I doubt I’ll see them in stores here, I’ll have to order on the Internet.

17 04 2007

Most definitely. Unless you’ve got a very good local importer then you’ll be on eBay for these like I was. There’s a user called ‘jappy11’ who has a ton of flavours and varieties and ships worldwide, it’s him who I get most of my stuff from (along with JList and a few English based Japanese stores).

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