Nestlé Blueberry Fromage Kit Kat

18 04 2007

Blueberry Fromage Kit Kat

Ah yes, Blueberry Fromage, that classic flavour. I’m so glad Nestlé have made this into a flavour, I’ve been waiting for so long…mmm, yes…blueberry fromage…

Well, it may not sound great, but like the Brandy & Orange, this was one of their poshest flavours. It came in a large box, with some wonderful pictures on, and 10 double stick bars in the box. The sticks are about 1/3 smaller than what we have here, not that I mind too much, considering what flavour this is.

Each packet is light blue, with some Japanese writing on, I assume the writing is ‘Blueberry Fromage’, and for once they didn’t write it in English (they do on all their other flavours) because it didn’t sound good. The Kit Kats inside are pure white, much like the white chocolate Kit Kats I reviewed yesterday. They don’t smell too great, a little like blueberry, and a little pungent.

The taste is awesome though, you get a pleasant blueberry taste, and the fromage comes through very well with the chocolate, and it all mixes together very well. It’s good, better than some of the other flavours I’ll be reviewing in the near future..




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