Nestlé Nasu-Highland White Kit Kat

18 04 2007

Nasu-Highland White

I previously reviewed the French Bretagne milk bar, that was a white chocolate Kit Kat, and that was very poor. Considering that one was created by Le Patissier Takagi, then I thought that this one would surely be even worse. But I was so wrong…

The box this comes in proudly shows where the milk they use is from. There is a badge proclaiming that it comes from the cows of Nasu-Highland, and the background art on the box is that of a cow’s skin, i.e. white with black splotches, it’s really very nice looking.

There are two packets inside, containing two slightly-smaller-than-standard sized bars. Each stick is pure white, no strange patterns or colours here, which is a bit of a relief, as they can sometimes be a bit off-putting.

And the taste is very good, it’s a slightly milkier version of our white chocolate, and that means it’s nicer. There’s no filling, it’s just the wafer covered in white chocolate, it’s nice and simple and done well. This is Kit Kat at its best, and I really liked this.




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