Nestlé Banana Kit Kat

19 04 2007

Kit Kat Banana

I wasn’t looking forward to this as much as I might have usually been due to my unpleasant experience with the Banana flavoured Aero. Considering they’re both made by Nestlé of Japan, I assume that the banana flavourings they use for each product isn’t vastly different, and if it was bad in one, then surely it would be bad in another.

The box is nice enough, a good yellow, pictures of bananas, very good. Moving swiftly on, opening the packs lets loose a strong, artificial banana taste. Very artificial. And very similar to the Aero banana.

Tasting the Kit Kat, it was similar to that of the Aero. It was slightly better, the banana wasn’t as strong, the chocolate came through a little more, but it still wasn’t that great, and I’m quite pleased to have got it out of the way. It’s not worth buying, it’s not very nice. Give it a miss.




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