Nestlé Orange Kit Kat (Japan)

19 04 2007

Japanese Orange Kit Kat

I had to put Japan in brackets for this one, because I plan on reviewing the UK version of Kit Kat Orange soon, and there may very well be a difference between the two.

Mine wasn’t in a box so I can’t comment on that, but the packs were full orange, with a little picture of an orange on. Opening the packs reveals a decent smelling orange smell.

The taste isn’t quite up to scratch though, I’m sure the British version will be better than this. This doesn’t taste quite balanced, the orange is a little too strong, then fades almost completely, it doesn’t seem to be mixed too well. It’s a little hard to describe, but this wasn’t bad, just a little odd and unbalanced, maybe the orange flavouring they used was different, maybe it was the chocolate, though it was probably both.




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19 04 2007

In a large pile of blogs that seem to have no real purpose, it’s refreshing to see one that has such a clearly designed goal. Even if it is just about chocolate. 😉


19 04 2007

We had an orange version in the States, but it was white chocolate. The Canadians had an orange one with milk chocolate though, it was okay. I think I’d prefer a dark chocolate and orange one. (Or those Japanese Tagaki gourmet ones.)

19 04 2007

Loki – I feel the best blogs are ones that concentrate on specific things, I’ve seen far too many blogs with a million categories as the blogger attempts to discuss everything from politics to their own personal life, and everything inbetween. I could do that, but this is The Chocolate Review, not The World Review.

Cybele – A dark chocolate and orange version sounds pretty good actually. It’s strange that I’ve never tasted that combo in any chocolate, let alone just in a Kit Kat. How was the white chocolate version, if you tasted it at all.

20 04 2007

Terry, keep it up! You’re doing a great job.

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