Nestlé Pumpkin Kit Kat

20 04 2007

Pumpkin Kit Kat

And now we come to the first of the Kit Kat flavours I’ve been absolutely dreading. Pumpkin flavour…

I’ve never had real pumpkin before, but it doesn’t sound good, or look good, and judging from these Kit Kats, doesn’t smell good either.

I don’t know if it’s better going into this having never tasted pumpkin before, on one hand I have nothing to compare it to, and hence can come up with a clean conclusion, but on the other hand I’m not familiarised with the flavour of pumpkin, and so perhaps if I were to have eaten it a few times I might in fact like this more than if I’d never had pumpkin before (kinda like drinking lots of beer in order to get used to the taste).

The wafers in here are a mixture of orange and their normal colour, not that this changes anything, but I’m trying to put off actually tasting this bar as much as possible, but here goes…

And oh my god, that was disgusting. What on earth posessed Nestlé to create this flavour? It’s just…awful. Pungent, and not mixing well with the chocolate, and just plain disgusting. There’s nothing good I can say about this, stay the hell away from this, it’s one of the worst things I’ve reviewed to date.



One response

20 04 2007

Awwwh, too bad for you. I LOVED this flavor! Yum!

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