Nestlé Apple Kit Kat

21 04 2007

Apple Kit Kat

#2 in my ‘Kit Kats I don’t want to eat but am going to for the sake of my blog’. And now it’s Apple flavour.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like apples, in fact I really like them. But apples and chocolate? I can’t see this going well, very few of the Japanese Kit Kats with fruity flavours have tasted good, but I’m hoping this will be an exception.

The box is very pretty, a floral pink with pictures of apples on, nice and colourful. And strangely, the taste isn’t that bad. It’s very…weird, but not awful.

It’s about on the level of the Banana flavour, except the apple here is very strong. It’s generic apple flavour, as I’m sure most of you are familiar with such a flavour in other things such as Jolly Ranchers, or bubble gum, but it was quite more-ish and didn’t leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth, unlike the horrid Pumpkin flavour.

This wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. I won’t get it again, but it’s beaten off a few of the stranger tasting Kit Kats.




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