Nestlé Melon Cantaloupe Kit Kat

22 04 2007

Melon Kit Kat

Well this was it, Melon flavour again. The one I was least looking forward to. I could smell it before I’d even opened the pack, and it smelled disgusting.

And the smell when I opened it, ugh, awful. Such strong artificial melon. I don’t care if it’s a delicacy in Japan, they surely can’t be eating these things up, it just doesn’t seem right.

The smell was luckily, worse than the taste, though only just. I went easy on myself by letting the chocolate melt, and masked the flavour of the melon somewhat, but by gum it was still there. Horrid melon flavour, it’s a shame because I kinda like normal melons, but Nestlé have done it wrong for both their Aero and their Kit Kats.

Fortunately this is very nearly the end of the Kit Kats. I only have two more Japanese ones to review, and then a few of the English ones, and that’s it!




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