Nestlé Fine Dark Kit Kat

23 04 2007

Fine Dark Kit Kat

The dark chocolate edition of Kit Kat is the newest edition in the UK. I was afraid after the failure of the Kit Kat Temptations range that we wouldn’t see many variations for a long time, and to be fair we haven’t, but this is better than nothing, and has been a long time coming.

I don’t know why other companies don’t do this as well, I’m sure they’ve done plenty of marketing but I’m sure dark chocolate Mars bars and Twix’s and such forth would sell relatively well. Either way Kit Kat have drawn the short straw here and become the first major chocolate here to introduce a dark chocolate variety of their popular milk chocolate bar.

I don’t like dark chocolate much, but fortunately this bar is only 52% cocoa solids, so it’s not really THAT dark, and I had no problems munching it at all. The bar is slightly darker than the usual milk chocolate bar of course, in order to remind us that it’s ‘dark’.

It’s only 226 calories per bar, but considering it’s dark, it makes the entire thing a little sickly, though perhaps I just feel a little sick because I’m eating this at 4am, though I think it’s likely the former. Due to me not being much of a connoisseur of dark chocolate then I can’t make much of a comparison here between this and ‘real’ dark chocolate. But I will say it’s a nice chocolate, and coming from someone who doesn’t like dark chocolate much, then surely that says something.

It likely won’t appeal much to people who do like real dark chocolate, as it’s not up there with the big boys there, and it’s not milk chocolate, it’s inbetween in order to attract the bulk of customers.

And for the nutritional round-up, as mentioned earlier the bar has 226 calories, there is also 25.3g of Carbs, 12.7g of Fat and 2.4g of Protein in each bar. They don’t say how much of the Carbs and Fats are Sugars and Saturates, so you can assume that the majority of them are bad (i.e. Sugars and Saturates).




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1 01 2009

It’s ME again!!!! I quite liked the Dark Kit Kat. My bar was a two-finger one and it contained 106 calories. I prefer the dark Kit Kat to the milk (I tend to find dark chocolate less sickly than milk) and I like the feel of chewing the Kit Kat along with crunching the wafer bit. One of my favourite chocolate bars 🙂

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