Nestlé Rich Strawberry Kit Kat

24 04 2007

Rich Strawberry Kit Kat

This one seems strikingly familiar in appearance to the Sakura Cherry Kit Kat. The boxes are a lovely pink, and there are strawberries pictured all over the box, looking delicious.

The packs are pink, and so are the Kit Kat bars, much like the Sakura Cherry flavour bars were. The flavour is very strong, floral strawberry. It’s very different to the strawberry I’m used to, this isn’t light in flavour or mellow at all, there’s a very strong off-strawberry taste, followed by a bitter aftertaste when swallowed.

These are very odd, and very different to what we consider strawberry flavour. But they’re strangely good as well, so if you want to try something completely different, then try this. It has 121 calories per pack, so that’s 242 calories per box, which is standard for Japanese Kit Kats.



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