Glico Giant Caplico Cone: Chocolate Flavour

25 04 2007

Chocolate Caplico Cone

Finally the Kit Kats are over! I’ve been waiting for a while to move on, and now we’re back to normal, I’ll have the Peanut Chunky up in a few days, but other than that we’re in a Kit Kat free zone for the foreseeable future. Hoorah!

This is a rather odd looking snack. It’s a sort of cornetto-looking chocolate cone, except it has no ice cream or anything, instead it has Aero-like bubbly chocolate in the centre of the cone.

It is shown on the wrapper what you’ll be getting, there’s a wafer cone, and in that is bubbly milk and white chocolate, and at the top is a big solid dome of chocolate, which I was expecting to be empty, but was actually completely full of the bubbly chocolate.

I’ve gotta say, I didn’t think this sounded too great, but it is in fact, great. The chocolate is good, in fact I’d argue that it’s better than all of the Japanese Aeros I’ve tasted, though not quite as nice as our English Aero. Unfortunately it’s so messy, the chocolate crumbles everywhere, and the wafer was all breaking off, plus the bottom third of it broke off in the pack and turned to powder, so I had to throw that away.

It’s different, but it’s oh so good. These are available on TokyoToys, and if you want something a little different, and like Aero chocolate, then pick one of these up, they’re strangely good, though they’re gone very quickly.



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27 02 2011
Giant Caplico Cone | Lega Nerd

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8 05 2014

Caplicos are absolutely disgusting, I don’t know how anyone can enjoy them.

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