Tootsie Roll

26 04 2007

Tootsie Roll

I’m not a big fan of ordinary American chocolate. In my experience, I’ve found that unless it has peanut butter or some sort of filling to take away the taste of the actual chocolate, I find myself feeling rather sick, and this is highlighted best with Hershey’s chocolate, where the majority of British people who try it say that it tastes like vomit.

Fortunately with this, I only had one small, individually wrapped piece of a Tootsie Roll, as shown in the picture above. I say fortunately, because these do not taste very good, and I couldn’t have eaten anymore of this.

There’s really just nothing to this. It’s a little square of what seems to be milk chocolate, but really doesn’t taste much like it. It just tastes…bad, like nothing I’ve ever really had, and nothing I ever really want to have again.

Looking at the ingredients actually gives a good idea about why the taste is so bad. The main ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, soybean oil, skim milk, and then finally…cocoa! Yeah, cocoa is nearly halfway down the list of ingredients, and it shows.

This is bad, and I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. You can keep this one, America.




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26 04 2007

Um, no one in America thinks that Tootsie Rolls are chocolate bars. They’re a chocolate flavored taffy … a really, really hard taffy.

I think they were devised for the military or something because they don’t melt but don’t have that waxy problem that fake chocolate bars have.

26 04 2007

My mistake then, I didn’t have a clue really what these were meant to be (which is never a good sign), so I was just guessing really.

26 04 2007

I’ve always liked Storck Chocolate Riesen as a more palatable version of Tootsie Rolls. (But I’ve been known to eat Tootsie Rolls too, sometimes I just like to chew on some chocolate-flavored cardboard.)

2 06 2007

i like them, my first time trying them today, we have nothing like this in uk!

9 06 2007

going a bit tooooo far over a chocolate bar eh? no need to get overprotective *chuckles* 😀

9 06 2007

Aaaand deleted, I don’t mind constructive criticism, but stupid flaming will just result in your post being removed from the site.

23 11 2007

Personally, I like to buy the 75% off markdown bags of Toostie Roll mixes that are available after Halloween, but I never think of Tootsie Rolls as chocolate.

Instead I think of them as putty, a kind of plastic explosive for your tummy.

As a kid I would keep them in my pants pocket until they were warm and soft, but now I am more likely to warm them in my hand and pull them like taffy should be pulled.

Next time you find one, try making a little pre-school model of a horse with it before you eat it.

It’s the only way I find them enjoyable.

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