Cote d’Or Dessert 58

1 05 2007

Cote d'Or Dessert 58

This Cote d’Or bar is from South Africa. I don’t understand where the ‘Dessert 58’ comes from, maybe it took them 58 different recipes to get it right? It gives no explanation so I can only guess.

Cote d’Or is, as far as I know, a pretty posh brand of chocolate. I’m sure they used to do these elephant shaped truffles which were amazing, but I may be wrong. This bar is described as ‘Milk chocolate filled with almond and cashew nut praline (45%)’, and if that doesn’t sound delicious to you, then you may want to think about having your tastebuds re-evaluated.

On the front of the pack it shows a picture of the bar, for a moment it looks like another peanut butter bar, but fortunately I’d already read that that wasn’t the case. Opening the pack revealed a sticky mess, this bar did not hold together very well at all. It’s a long bar made up of 6 square pieces of chocolate, filled with the praline, and with the Cote d’Or elephant branded on top. Each square breaks off easily from one another, and there’s no mess, as the praline is set thickly into the chocolate.

The taste isn’t quite as good as I was expecting it to be, maybe I built the bar up too much, but it was a little plain. It was nice, but it just wasn’t THAT nice. Maybe if there were hazelnuts there instead it would have been better, as they seem to go wonderfully well with chocolate. I’d eat this again, and I do recommend it, but I’d rather have a Kinder Bueno or something similar over this. The bar has 245 calories, 25g of Carbs, 14.5g of Fat and 3.6g of Protein.




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14 05 2007

Dessert 58 is Belgian not South African.
It is called Dessert 58 because it was develloped for the Expo ’58 (1958 – Brussels).

14 05 2007

Thanks for that Marc. And whilst the company may be Belgian, this particular bar was from South Africa, or at least that’s what it said where I got it from (Cybercandy).

16 07 2007

dont they make ice cream as well? nothing beats ben and jerrys tho mmm 😛 *chuckles to herself*

16 07 2007

I think…you’re right, you’re more likely to know than me though as I never eat ice cream. Ben and Jerrys though, my word…so good…fond memories of that stuff.

10 03 2008

Especially for the world fair, Cote d’Or (which is a Belgian brand by the way) brought a brand new product on the market. “Dessert 58” is a praliné (soft almond and cashew nuts cream) filled milk chocolate and it was a hit right from the start. Today there are two versions available and after more than 45 years it still is the favorite of many Belgians.

Dessert 58 has a great intense taste and my personal favorite, its the most addictive chocolate I ever tasted… the one you picked up must have been old (as it went all the way from Belgium to South-Africa.

I hope when you ever go to Belgium your give it one more try, you will be amazed by it 😉

Nate (from Belgium hehe)

8 01 2010

Dessert58 is definitely belgian and the 58 come from the 1958 expo. It is my favorite by far, before the Double Lait.
I live in the US but I’m Belgian and I miss my Cote D’or…

14 07 2010

My question is about the Nestle Crunchie bar. I use to reside in South Africa between 1974-1976 and at that time, I remember buying Mint Crunchie Bars. It was actually packaged in a green wrapper and they were even better than the regular caramel Crunchie. What I want to know is what ever happen to them….I have never seen them again. I have since moved to England and now live in Canada and I would love to see the Mint Crunchie bar come back….I think it would be a big seller…..just a thought!!!!

21 12 2014
Mona Wachsler

I bought some Cote D’Or Mignonnette dark and I couldn’t be more disappointed. I’d rather have Hershey’s dark any day. In fact I’ve had it for 6 months, ….that’s how much I dislike it! There was nothing spectacular about it at all. It wasn’t cheap either. Never again.

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