Mars Egg

3 05 2007

Mars Egg

Following on from the Galaxy Egg, is the Mars Egg. Like the Galaxy Egg it has no information about it whatsoever, but you don’t really need any anyway, because this is a literally a Mars bar, in egg form.

The egg looks the exact same as the Galaxy Egg, but mine didn’t come open as easily as the Galaxy Egg, I had to bite the top off, which is where I saw the difference, one half is the soft nougat that Mars Bars have, and the other is caramel. The chocolate is definitely Mars chocolate, you can tell the difference straight away. And Mars chocolate really isn’t as nice as Galaxy chocolate.

It’s not bad, but the nougat and caramel don’t go together as well as they do in the Mars bar, because they’re on opposite halfs, they don’t actually mix, so you get one half of all caramel, and then one half of all nougat, and the nougat isn’t that tasty.

So, with poorer chocolate, poorer design, and poorer overall taste, I can’t recommend the Mars Egg with the knowledge that there’s a Galaxy Egg on the market. Go for the Galaxy Egg.




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