Nestlé Dark Noir Kit Kat

4 05 2007

Kit Kat Dark Noir

This Kit Kat is from Canada. I previously reviewed the dark chocolate Kit Kat from Britain and so thought it would be a good idea the British version with Canada’s.

Ours is Fine Dark, whilst this is Dark Noir. The bars are the same size and colour though, the slightly darker than normal colour. There’s no recommendation on the back about dipping the chocolates in coffee, like ours. These are also higher in calories than our version. This has 260 calories per bar, with 33g of Carbs, 14g of Fat and 3g of Protein.

The taste is very similar to our British version, though I’m sure this one is a bit sweeter. It also seemed a lot staler than our version, though that may just be my bad luck, other than that it was idential to the British version. Not exactly very dark, but it certainly wasn’t what I would consider to be your standard milk chocolate bar. I didn’t like it as much as the British version, which seems a bit more polished, lower in calories and fat, and basically just done better.



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6 05 2007

This Dark Chocolate Kit Kat looks great! I’d love to sample one myself. I am currently in Thailand, but will be heading to the States in a couple month, maybe I’ll be able to find one there. Do you know if they have them there? I hope so!
Thanks for the post. I’m new to the blogoshere as well and would love to know what you think of my new site.

6 05 2007

I’m pretty sure they don’t actually have the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats in America anymore, but I don’t live there so can’t really confirm it. Wikipedia might have more info for you.

Nice blog by the way, it’s a fair bit more elegant than mine, with all your posh chocolates and cocoa bean history! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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