Nestlé Quality Street

5 05 2007

Quality Street 1

Quintessential British chocolates, this stuff. It’s a real family favourite and has been for as long as I can remember. I’ve got 12 flavours here to munch through, I’ve heard there’s 15 but in the tin we only had 12, I even checked the card that came with it and supposedly that’s all that was there, so there’s not much I can do about that. Here we go!

Caramel Cup – Too sticky for my liking, you have to eat the whole thing in one go or you run the risk of caramel dropping down either your chin or onto your floor.

Malt Toffee – Possibly the chewiest chocolate I’ve ever had. It gets really sticky in your mouth as well, stay away from this one because it doesn’t even taste nice.

Hazelnut Eclair – Very nice. A solid block of milk chocolate with a single hazelnut sat right in the middle. A favourite of mine.

Chocolate Coconut Eclair – Coconut is where it’s at. This one is very good. You expect a Bounty clone, but it’s different. Perhaps not as nice, but still very good.

Chocolate Strawberry Cream – I grew up hating these, I remember opening a tin and finding all the chocolates gone except for these damn things. They’re not that bad at all, but they’re the worst in the tin. If you like strawberry fondant you’ll love these though.

Toffee Finger – I don’t know whose finger they based this off because it’s tiny! Still it’s much better than the Malt Toffee, considering that this is just ordinary milk chocolate with ordinary toffee. Still a bit sticky, but pretty nice.

Quality Street 2

Vanilla Fudge – Easily one of the best in the tin. This is delicious vanilla flavoured fudge covered in milk chocolate. The only worry is eating these without a bright light overhead, you may mistake the Malt Toffees for these instead, as they use the same wrapping and only a slightly different colour scheme.

Chocolate Orange Crème – Similar to the Strawberry Cream in design, and similar in the way that I avoid it a little. It’s very strong in flavour, too strong for my liking.

Orange Chocolate Crunch – Hardly any orange in this at all, it’s got little crunchy bits in it, and is orange flavoured chocolate, but it’s very tame, and is now not orangey enough, at least to be considered orange chocolate, that is.

Toffee Penny – The only sweet in here without any chocolate at all, this is a small, flat, circular slab of toffee. It’s very good really, it’s not too sticky but expect to have little sticky parts in your teeth afterwards.

Noisette Triangle – I wasn’t sure which one to end with out of this and the hazelnut caramel. This is delicious and one of the first in the tin to go. It’s a little unremarkable, but it’s just really nice chocolate, and that’s why it goes.

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut – I actually regret leaving this to the end because it wasn’t as nice as I was expecting it to be. Perhaps because this was the last one in the tin, but it was overly sticky and the hazelnut didn’t really come through much. Usually these are very good though.

Quality Street are great for the family, around Christmas time. Most likely there’s always someone in your house who likes the flavours you don’t, and it’s rare that the tin will have chocolates remaining, the only thing that annoys me is when people put the wrappers back in the tin, and wrap them in a way that makes you think that they still have chocolates in, only to find they’re empty, oh the fun we had as kids!




41 responses

1 06 2007

i like the new toffee selection the banoffee and caramel cream are goooorgeous!

25 12 2012
Peter lyon

Since Nestle took over Quality Street Chocolates they have changed things to the point that I no longer care for them. They were my favourite chocolates, now I have no desire for them.

1 06 2007

o_O Banoffee? Caramel Cream? This is the first I’ve heard about this! I might be finding myself buying another box of these…

2 06 2007

yeah its a new selection its got 4 new flavours..banoffee cup ,caramel cream,toffee covered in chocolate with jammy apple filling and treacle toffee 😛

3 06 2007

Jammy apple? Urgh that doesn’t sound good, neither does treacle toffee either, just sounds very sticky.

The others sound like they could be decent, but probably aren’t. I think I’ll leave them for the time being.

3 06 2007

actually the apple one isnt sticky it just like the toffee finger but with apple inside they are all yummy!!! 😀 😀

26 10 2007
alan lovedog

the bounders have taken the nut out of the chocolate block now – leaving just a simple block of chocolate.
the malt toffees have been replaced with ‘toffee deluxe’ too – and i loved the malt toffees 😦

the apple ones are great – they are not found in regular quality street but the special toffee spin off tin – also has the treacle toffee inside.

31 10 2007

Quality Street
We buy it every christmas, and boxes during the year
This malt toffee is awful, no one likes it!
Why wont they bring back the coffee creme and the absolute lovely cracknel one ???? please

12 12 2011

I whole-heartedly agree with you Heather. After they took the coffee creme & other cremes away, I also went away. Roses have pretty much gone down the drain. I usually get a bar of “Snack”. It is what Roses used to be like a long time ago. As for Quality Street, it was a lot better when it was from MacIntosh. Then Nestles took over. Oh well, such as it is, I suppose 😦

11 12 2007
Barbara Davies

I recently purchased a tin of quality street – £6.99 at the shop next door to where I work. I was very disappointed to find that the tin contained mostly toffees, nougat and hard chocolates. My favourites are strawberry creams and orange creames, but there were only five in the whole tin. Also the fact that I had paid £6.99 for the tin whilst I have seen them for £4.95 in other stores only added insult to injury. I have bought Quality Street for years and am an avid fan, but after this most disappointing experience, I will not be buying any more.

1 01 2008
Chris |Bullers

Earlier this year Nestle released two variant boxes, a Choc/Nut slanted box, and a Caramel/Fudge slanted box. Both had new chocolates in. The previously mentioned Banoffee, Creme Caramel, along with a Treacle Toffee, and a Toffee Apple were the new sweets in the latter box, unfortunately I didnt get to try them, and I guess they werent that successful as one would have graduated to the regular tin.

15 01 2008

Coffee creme, I mourn that one.

Stopped buying Quality Street now, actually, though we enjoy some of the sweets, just too many that nobody likes, around here.

18 09 2008

Is this the same candy that previously was made by MacIntosh? If so, Nestle should not be proud of what they have done with it. I recently saw the Nestle version in an airport on Aruba and bought it because I recall how delicious it was. Never again…what a dissapointment!

18 12 2008

Has anyone else noticed how supermarkets are selling these at silly prices? £4.50 a tin. I recall these back i nthe 80s when they were £9 – £11 a tin, however, Im sure they were bigger, or had more in. Anyone recall the original weight? I think they have somehow changed the shape of the sweets and wrapper so that they get less in the tin. Im sure it used to be 1.8Kg not the 1Kg it is now? Anyone else agree with this?

29 12 2008


I really used to love the cracknell one, I have even brought some angelica to try and make some of my own, please, please bring it back………I have been tending to buy a different make of chocolate at christmas because this one is not made anymore, I beleive it was stopped when the foot and mouth broke out because of the geletine link….still that is long over now!
And yes the tins are different sizes now, my in-laws still have some of the old tins, from when there used to be a solider or a military figure on a cream coloured tin…….

1 01 2009

Quality Street are my favourite chocolates(that you find in a tin or box and you just choose a choc)! My favourite one is the noisette triangle. Whenever we open a new tin I always search the tin for noisette triangles, pick them all out, hide them in my room and eat them gradually! My younger brother Leo really likes Quality Street too. He likes any flavour (trust him, chocolate and toffee are his fave foods!). Once he had TEN Quality Streets in one day! And most of them were toffee pennies (he likes those ones). Mum always complains that she only gets a handful of quality Street chocolates(made up mostly of coconut eclairs) because dad and Leo scoff them all! I only got a handful too (made up of noisette traingles and milk choc blocks (The milk choc blocks are my second favourite)). The last sweet in the tin last time we ate them was ‘the purple one’. That one isn’t very popular in our house and is ALWAYS the last in the tin. Well everybody, that’s it for now, goodbye!!!!!! 🙂

7 01 2009
C gauthier

Sorry to say…but…the last tin of chocalates i bought were terrible…they were stale…no selection…more of one kind then the others…i’ve bought a lot of Quality Street before and they were very good …but …now I found them…NOT GOOD at all…overly priced…TERRIBLE

9 01 2009

please let me know why you cannot make strawberry centre large sweet like th e cheese triangle, or just strawberry centre ones

thank you


10 03 2009

Isn’t it amazing how different people love different Quality Street sweets! Personally, I always used to make a bee-line for the Toffee Penny.

I’m somewhat distressed to hear that some people steal all of their faves from the tin, denying everyone else the chance of tasting even a single one of them! They’d have had a short and painful life in our house, when I was a kid! lol

Can’t say I ever buy Quality Street any more. Since Nestle took over, there’s been a real slump in… well… quality – and don’t even metion the ‘new & improved’ version: the chocolate tastes cheap and nasty. I hate to say it, but I now buy Roses!


28 03 2009

I remember quality street choclate when i was 8 years old, it is one best choclate i ever tasted ,

i wonder where to get the distribution right for quality street boxes?

2 08 2009

Would like to associate myself with most of the previous comments and add that the demise of the hazlenut cracknell- not only from Quality Street but from confectionary manufacturers in general – is a great shame – who can forget the cracknell dragee ? The hidden delight in a quarter of chocolate dragees. Nestle really are missing a trick with that one. It seems that the quality of Quality Street is the issue ! – I really like the a ‘cheaper’ chocolate – my taste buds aren’t sophisticated enough for the 70% cocoa solids on the whole although I never say no… – and yet more recently, all the ‘big tin’ brands seem to have sacrificed flavour for price and the cheap tittilation of ‘new sweets’ but it all tastes just a little stale and unexciting – even the good old ripple, which used to be a particular favourite is now selling in packets of 5 for a quid and is quite unpleasant – My message to nestle would be ‘It wasn’t broke, so why did you ‘fix’ it ?’ We don’t need masses of new varieties unless they are truly inspired. And surely, the beauty of producing a product to which people are mildly addicted is that they’ll spend a little more to get what they want ?

12 12 2011

You hit the nail right on the head, sazza! Nestles, you should be ashamed to have lowered the standard of the original Quality Street. Please bring it back, and call your chocs by another name.

29 11 2009

I love the malt toffees. The prior commenters are quite clearly all mad!

2 12 2009
Big Mike

Hi im big mike and i weigh 38 stone and can hardly move due to my morbitly obese size. back when i could attually feed myself i used to eat these at an alarming rate and quite enjoyed eating box after box of these gorgeous chocolates. once reaching a huge effort of 5 tins ( large tins 1.8362 kg) in a day. happy posting and keep eating 😉

2 12 2009
38 Stone Dave

Hi Big Mike, you seem quite huge. (38 STONE!) Sorry to hear you cannot get out of bed due to your chocolate obession 😦
I must admit I once ate 9.8 Tins (Large tins however I recall these to be 1.8362.5kg) in a day and a third. I weigh 25 Stone, a lot less than you and am starting to find it hard to type on my laptop I may get a secretary to do it for me. I last brought a tin at 23.12pm today travelling all the way to my local tesco 24hr store as I could not live without them in my cupboard. Not that there is many left hahaha 🙂 I paid £5.00 for these (special offer) but found out in sainsbury they are selling them for £4.98. I was disapointed! Keep Eating…

21 10 2010
Christmas Cookies | Columbus Food Adventures

[…] are accompanied with foods such as mince pies, satsumas, sausage rolls, mulled wine and boxes of quality street. Mince pies are certainly the most ubiquitous pre-christmas food, either shop bought of home-made […]

1 11 2010

I love these chocolates – I’ve been getting them every year since I was young and they were getting very difficult to find in the States. Luckily, I found a site ( that carries them at a reasonable price. My favorite is the purple one!!

21 12 2010

I just received a tin as a gift Christmastide 2010). The “quality” in Quality Street has indeed declined. I hated the soft centers (strawberry, orange and coffee) but my mum loved them.. I prefer the toffees and milk chocolate. I have noticed that the quality of chocolate in general has declined. My box says: imported from England, but not where these are made – China maybe. In Canada, some of the grocery and department store chains, such as Loblaws, have made clones of Quality Street that cost less and have nicer – or at least as nice, chocolate. It just isn’t worth it to buy these anymore as quality and selection have declined.

15 05 2011
mike lake

dear sir madam i am writing about a problem i had with your product almost a year again now;i thought i was doing you a favor to help you detect the problem and you agreed to it by the e mail you sent me so i deleted all the information i had ;i sent it all to you and about 5to 6 weeks ago i was speaking to a lady at your company and she told me it was supposed to be a twenty dollar coupon that she was going to send me and unfornately i waited and i still never received my coupon;i still buy the product because it is the best on the market and i will continue buying;the lady told me she had all the information on her computer and she was going to send it that day;please come on this is not right to do to a loyal customer i appreciate hearing back from you mike god bless; take care ttyl.

11 06 2012
Malcolm Spinks

The interesting varieties have disappeared; Montelimar Nougat,
Gooseberry Cream, Apricot Delight, Hazelnut Cracknell,Peanut Cracknell, Purple One, only to be replaced by bland rubbish that you find in most chocolate selections. What is wrong with peoples tastes is beyond me!

15 11 2012

i bought my only fav quality street chocolate from Abudhabi airport. No quality at all!!! Not the same chocolate, Nestle..u disappointed me. My fav is Chocolate Coconut Eclair (blue one)…..tell me where is the coconut in? MacIntosh is much better…………

29 11 2012
Jim Belucci

it should be available here in manila, philippines. could somebody import it here? i’m craving for it.

18 02 2013

Thanks for your effort for composing “Nestlé Quality
Street The Chocolate Review”. I personallywill undoubtedly wind up being back again for more reading
through and commenting here soon. Thank you, Elliott

31 07 2013
Oram Plus Xl

Wen u try it did it perform

21 09 2013

Seriously don’t agree with your observations! The coconut one is horrid and the strawberry creme is just fine. To be honest they’re all pretty good except for the yucky coconut one that leaves bits in your mouth that you can’t get rid of. Yuck!

16 12 2014
Nicky Goodland

I really miss the red covered sweet from my childhood.. It was like cracknal.. Once you sucked the chocolate off the sweet was white and the layers of thin crispy but not too hard n layers of chocolate xx mmmmm bring them back xxx pleased

13 01 2015
Lorraine flynn

I was so disappointed when i bought a tub of quality street over the Christmas period because they didn’t have orange or strawberry creme in them..

18 01 2016
Lata patel

I just had an orange crunch forom the box of quality street and had a very bad reaction in my throat and tongue worst chocolates ever the name should not be quality as misleading I will never buy these again

28 01 2016
mrs beverley swalwell

I bought the large tin of quality street at my local bands stores for 7.99 was so dissapointment as the were only 2 soft caramel ones and 3 soft caramel and hazelnut ones the rest were toffee and the others

3 01 2017

I am a huge fan of Quality Street, but was so dissapointed to find that there were only 4 of my favourite coconut fudge in the blue wrapper inside this years box, while there were 10 or more of all the others…… ruined my Christmas 😂 I must say 😂 devestated I was 😂

31 12 2018

I have a tin in the office – left over as a xmas gift. I tried a few different ones, purple, green and a sweet fondant. I was shocked, they didn’t taste how I remembered them. The purple used to be the favourite however none of them tasted of chocolate – more like some off milk based product. very sickly smelling and tasting. So awful that I haven’t touched them since and im waiting for someone to finish them off.

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