Nestlé Milkybar Milk & Cookies

6 05 2007

Milky bar Milk & Cookies

This Australian white chocolate bar is billed as a Milkybar with chocolate cookie pieces. It’s very thick as well, so I’m expecting a tastier version of the Hershey’s Cookies n Creme.

It looks nice enough on the front of the pack. Glasses of milk sitting around, with pieces of the Milkybar there, filled with cookie pieces.

There are seven blocks in the pack, each block is quite thick, and really breaks off from the bar with some force. There is the Nestlé emblem on each square, and they really are filled with cookie pieces. You can’t taste them though, which is a shame. It tastes identical to a normal milkybar, except with some crunchy pieces, though most are too small to be really noticed.

This is very sweet though, it started to hurt my teeth after about four chunks, but that’s no surprise when sugar is first on the list of ingredients, there’s also two types of vegetable fat used, and full cream milk powder, which really doesn’t make this sound good. The bar has 1140kJ, which is 270 calories, it also has 27.9g of Carbs, 16.1 of Fat and 3.9g of Protein. If you like Milkybars then I recommend this, but it’s not really that different to an ordinary Milkybar, just thicker and with little crunchy pieces.



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8 04 2013
easy dinner meals

They weren’t displayed long in my house, as I remember as soon as they were baked, they were eaten. An expert suggestion for you is that you can create a beautiful cupcake tower too. Use a hand batter and keep on batting the mixture until smooth soft dough is formed.

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