Nestlé Aero Temptations Caramel

8 05 2007

Aero Temptations Caramel

This is from Australia, but I’m pretty sure that we had these in the UK as well. I’m also pretty sure that this is no longer being made, and the one I’m about to eat is in fact out of date, so it may effect the taste of this, but of course I’m hoping that it isn’t.

I don’t really remember these coming out when they did, but I never paid attention to Aero bars much back in the day anyway.

This is a long bar with aero bubbles on the bottom, and thick caramel on the top. It’s quite like the Wispa that we used to have years ago.

I’m pretty sure being out of date has changed the taste of this somewhat, the chocolate tastes a little off, but fortunately the caramel overpowers the chocolate a little, and it tastes very good. The bubbly chocolate is standard Aero fare. And regardless of how out of date this is, it’s still a ton better than the Japanese Aeros.

It has 205 calories, 25.4g of Carbs, 10.5g of Fat and 2.3g of Protein.




2 responses

8 05 2007

mm its sounds great =) :caramel addict:

8 05 2007

Sounds great? I don’t think I could have slated this anymore, without saying it tastes like ass.

But I’m pretty sure I actually saw a British version in the shop today, I’m working tomorrow so I’ll get confirmation there, but I’m not expecting too big a difference.

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