Nestlé Milo

9 05 2007


This is an interesting one, or at least it was before my friends at the Chocablog reviewed it. This is from Australia and is made by Nestlé. It’s billed as energy food, ‘soft on [the] top and [with] a crunchy mild base’. Now when I think of energy food, I think of either protein bars, or those ‘super’ carb bars from Lucozade or whoever. I’ve tasted a few protein bars in my time, and most of them taste awful. This isn’t a Protein bar though, in fact looking at the nutritional information it looks like a standard chocolate bar, and with sugar as the first ingredient, then I’m pretty confused here.

Opening the pack, it looks a little like a Toffee Crisp. Tastes like it as well. I’m not sure what is ‘on top’, but it’s not soft, it’s hard and toffee-like. The base is crunchy though, with a lot of puffed rice there. I really can’t think of anyway to describe this except for an Australian Toffee Crisp. And energy food? Sure, I suppose sugar is a form of energy, but no one calls chocolate energy food.

It’s not bad, but it’s just annoying what Nestlé have tried to pull here. It’s not energy food, and it’s not anything new as far as my taste buds are concerned. If you live in Britain, just eat our Toffee Crisps.

This has 280 calories, 29.5g of Carbs, 13.6g of Fat and 3g of Protein.




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9 05 2007

It’s probably called energy food because we have something called “Milo” here that is a powder you add to milk to flavour it. Originally it was marketed as a chocolate flavouring but in the politically correct and calorie conscious times milo has embraced its low GI quality and called itself an energy drink. It’s expansion to energy bar is probably just using its orginal campaign to make sales to nutritional conscious but uneducated buyers who want an excuse to eat chocolate!

9 05 2007

I see! Thanks very much for that!

I had a hunch that they were targeting a section of people who as you said, were looking for an excuse to eat chocolate, and so by putting ‘Energy food’ on the bar would make people think it was actually good for them, but from what I can tell it was an ordinary chocolate. As I said we have the Toffee Crisp here (funnily enough also made by Nestle) and they seem almost identical from what I can remember of it.

But still, interesting stuff, and if it’s worked for Nestle then well done to them I guess.

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