Mint Slice Twix

10 05 2007

Mint Slice Twix

When previously reviewing the ordinary Twix, I wondered why we hadn’t had other flavours and varieties in Britain, well, we still haven’t got any, but Australia has, this is the Mint Slice Twix.

It’s basically a dark chocolate Twix, with minty caramel, and then ordinary milk chocolate and the crunchy base that a Twix has. The sad thing is, I don’t really like dark chocolate, and I don’t really like mint flavoured chocolate either, as it’s usually not done too well.

And sadly, I don’t like this. The mint is far too strong and artificial tasting. If it was spearmint I may like it, but this is more like assmint, and it just isn’t nice. The dark chocolate is, unsurprisingly, not very dark either. So overall this is a complete disappointment.

The bar has 290 calories, 35.2g of Carbs, 15.2g of Fat and 2.5 of Protein. I didn’t even finish half of one of the sticks though, so no worries for me, and it shouldn’t be a worry for you either, because you shouldn’t eat this.




3 responses

4 06 2007

I am sadded you dont like my FAVOURITE chocolate and Im very distressed that it is only a LIMITED EDITION… I need to contact the compant and beg them to continue… tis hard getting a good email address to write to.. any ideas??

4 06 2007

Try Twix’s Australian website, and find the contact address on there I guess. In my own personal experience though, companies never listen to you. 😦

10 07 2007

Don’t mess with a popular and tasty brand…here endeth the lesson.

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