Glico Pineapple Pocky

11 05 2007

Pineapple Pocky

I’m calling this Pineapple Pocky, despite the fact that on the box it’s billed as ‘Pine Pocky’, and then underneath it simply says ‘Pine Cream’. In fact, that does nothing but put me off what’s only the second Pocky flavour I’ve reviewed so far. Pine cream? What on earth is pine cream? Not sounding good.

I don’t mind pineapple, but would never buy it personally, and have never tasted a pineapple based confectionary, so this is another new experience for me.

Now fortunately, you know where you are when it comes to the look of Pocky. I shouldn’t need to describe what this looks like. Normal Pocky sticks, covered almost entirely down to the base in a yellow cream, that has little crunchy pieces in it as well. I’m not sure what they’re meant to represent though.

The taste is a little odd, it seems to subside and then come back to you in waves, it’s pineapple, only unsurprisingly a little artificial. The little knobbly pieces seem to be little pineapple flavour crystals, as they release an even stronger burst of pineapple when bitten into.

This isn’t the best confectionary I’ve ever had, but I still found myself absent mindedly munching through the box whilst writing this review because they’re so damn more-ish! This is a gripe with me because I like to control how much I eat, and Glico haven’t made it easy for me with this.

Even though it’s not as nice as some other Pocky flavours, but if you like pineapple you’ll really like this, as I don’t really and still liked it. I’m not sure if this flavour is still in season, but give it a go if it is. One pack (there are 2 in the box) has 129 calories, 18.5g of Carbs, 5.3g of Fat and 1.7g of Protein.




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