Mars Banana Milky Way

13 05 2007

Milky Way Banana

Another Australian product. This is a small Milky Way bar, with the whipped centre being banana flavoured, and covered in the ordinary milk chocolate. The pack is yellow to of course signify the banana flavour.

Opening the pack reveals a standard looking Milky Way, the criss-cross pattern on the top of the milk chocolate, and biting into it reveals that the whipped centre is yellow. It’s also disgusting.

Yes, this is no good at all. My British readers will know that Milky Ways centres are nice and soft, they yield easily and melt nicely in the mouth. This was a different story though. It was chewy, yes chewy, and didn’t melt at all. It almost broke off despite sitting in my cupboard at room temperature for a long time, and the banana flavour was also pretty horrid.

I’d say the banana flavour was in fact worse than the one used in certain Japanese products I’ve previously reviewed. The aftertaste was foul and the chocolate was not of a good quality. Stay far, far away from this.




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15 05 2007

I’ve seen a strawberry version of Milkyway on Flickr. Have you heard of it at all? 😛 I want to try one. How did you manage to get ahold of a banana one?

15 05 2007

I hadn’t heard of a Strawberry version, no. And after trying this one I’m not in any particular rush to try it.

I got this off Cybercandy, but I don’t think they have anymore in stock. You weren’t missing out on much, standard disgusting artificial banana taste. It’s amazing how badly banana flavours are done in chocolate. I remember as a kid those foam bananas that would cost 1p each that tasted better than this.

16 05 2007

I’ve never been a fan of banana to begin with, so I was planning on staying as far away from this as I could anyways. 😛

I think the strawberry bar is from Europe instead of Australia…

17 05 2007

I’m glad to hear it, I’d hate for you or anyone to try this, it’s a disgrace to confectionary on the whole.

And I did a little search for the Strawberry bar and couldn’t find anything, so I’m not going to be trying it anytime soon…fortunately…

7 07 2007

Strawberry ones were available in the UK a few years back, if they are still available anywhere then I’d advise you not to be put off by your banana experience, the strawberry ones were fantastic, had i known they’d dissapear ‘d have bought them all up and stored them in an industrial sized freezer

8 07 2007

I’ll keep that in mind Alan, thanks. Anyone know where the strawberry ones are still being sold, if anywhere?

23 05 2008

They did a trial version of the banana milky way about 7 or 8 years ago here in the UK and the centre was soft and fluffy just like a normal milky way. It was the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had, but then i love just about anything banana flavoured.
I wonder if the one you was the same as the trial we had as you said the centre was hard not soft and fluffy.

29 05 2008

I love the banana ones too, but they’re hard to find. In Australia you can get “strawberry surprise” milky ways and they are absolutely foul! No fluffy centre, it’s some chewy white stuff with syrypy strawberry film on top covered in chocolate (think manky mars bar). Very disappointing as I love strawberry centred chocolates.

15 02 2009

I had one of these…….lush as!!!!

22 11 2009

i have been trying to get hold of banana Mw’s ever since they first trialled them here in the UK…they were simply the best things ever….soft, creamy and the banana was yummy!!

Wish they still made them….

21 11 2010

i have been trying to chase the milky way banana whip ever since it came out in mackay but then they got rid of it and it was my favourite and probably a lot of peoples favourite flavour and i havent seen it since i want it back

7 06 2011

I’ve been trying to find them for forever!!! if anyone knows where I can get some talk meeeeeee 😀

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