Kraft Dark Chocolate Daim Bar

14 05 2007

Kraft Dark Chocolate Daim Bar

Coming in from Scandinavia is the dark chocolate Daim bar. Previously known as the Dime Bar, and no doubt still known as the Dime Bar to most people, this is a real favourite with a lot of people in the UK and Scandinavia.

It originated in Sweden after research into the American Heath bar was conducted. This bar is a thin crunchy slab of hardened caramel, covered in thin milk chocolate. It sounds plain, and it is, but it works very well. Unfortunately the caramel has an awful tendency to get stuck in your teeth, and because it’s hardened it can be tough getting rid of it, but it’s a very nice tasting chocolate bar.

A dark chocolate edition was only inevitable I guess, and I’m happy enough to try it. Scandinavia obviously don’t like us Brits very much, because there is no English here at all, except strangely, on the front of the pack. All the information and ingredients is in every Nordic language though, and no English.

The bar starts off tasting ok, it seems nice enough, a bit more bitter than usual, but then a strange taste comes through, and it’s not good. It ruins the bar completely, I don’t know what this taste is but it’s not good. I don’t like it one bit and I didn’t even finish the bar because of this strange taste.

Shame really, but I don’t care as much as I might because there’s no English on the pack. Stick with the ordinary Daim bars, that’s good eatin’.

P.S. The picture above is of an ordinary Daim Bar. I couldn’t find any pictures of the Dark Chocolate variety anywhere on the internets.




10 responses

13 12 2007

may i know where do i buy this chocolate in Singapore?

4 05 2008
Lih Wei

All IKEA stores sell it. Its WONDERFUL!!

9 07 2008
charis bool

im eating an original one right now! yum

20 07 2008

If you visit Disney World, you can find them in the Norwegian gift shop at EPCOT.

31 07 2008
Jia Xin

I’m eating an original one too.

Super addictive!

16 01 2009

I thought all the bars where in Scandinavian + English since they are Kraft Food owned? I rarely buy chocolate from them, for various reasons, but whenever I look at one it seems there is English on them. Strange. MAYBE your bar wasn’t from Norway, where I’m from. Maybe they don’t have English on the other packaging, which is still strange since it has all the other Scandinavian languages, why change the packaking for one of the countries?

17 05 2009

I love eating daim bars you cannot beat them. Nice and crunchy, although my dad Peter has to watch his teeth!

4 07 2009

Hmmm, that was interesting. Looks like somethings will always remain mystery.

I myself has been trying to solve the mystery of the legend that forces you to have “earn it before

having it”, for a wile now. Could not understand much though.

Let me know in case you get to understand the mystery of the Old Hound and the Legend

By the way, good writing style. I’d love to read more on similar topics

7 07 2009

Man, I followed that the dark truth link, and was completely in the story. Damn exciting. The latest post talks about a friend of him who’s gone missing . Somewhere on his way to Leh, India. And the guy is asking for help find it. Soundss like an online game . This looks interesting. M already hooked on.

Hey, btw, nice post you have there – keep rocking – 😉

17 01 2010

can iknow where this chocolate ican buy at malaysia ?

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