Nestlé Mirage

16 05 2007


Hailing from Canada is the Mirage bar. It’s billed as ‘Bubbly Milk Chocolate’, which sounds like either an Aero, or one of the old school Wispa bars I guess.

In fact, upon opening the pack, this thing really did start to resemble a Wispa. A long milk chocolate bar, quite thick, ordinary milk chocolate. It didn’t smell cheap or anything, just good chocolate. Biting into it reveals that the inside is all bubbly, again like an Aero or a Wispa.

It tastes very good too, there’s not much to it which is good in this case. No hidden caramel or peanuts or anything, just bubbly chocolate covered in another layer of chocolate. and really…that’s it, I don’t know what else I can say about this, and Nestlé certainly don’t help me, because the package is very plain and that’s all the product info there is.

There’s 215 calories, 25g of Carbs, 11g of Fat and 3g of Protein in this bar. If you’re a fan of Aero or Wispa bars, then definitely get this, it’s a very good bar, and while it may sound like I’m being harsh, it is a little boring.




One response

18 08 2008

Mirage is a Nestle Product. Aero is also a Nestle Product?

There is a difference between the bars that enable both to exist?
Will be on the lookout next though when I am candy shopping ;)!

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